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800 2T Off Road
800 2T Road
Kart Grand Prix 2T
Kart Racing 2T
Micro 2T
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800 2T Factory Line

Lubricant of 500cc World Championship

Racing Premix for 2 stroke Engines

100% Synthetic – Double Ester

Formula developed for Road Racing Grand Prix Teams.

Suitable with leaded and unleaded gasolines up to 124 octane.


All racing premix 2 stroke engines at high revs and under high loads.

For Motocross, use MOTUL 800 2T OFF ROAD.

For oil injector systems, use MOTUL 710 2T.



Improved and reinforced formula based on 2 different Esters in order to provide outstanding lubrication under highly stringent conditions...

Anti Emulsion properties provide perfect lubrication under wet conditions.

Very high lubricating properties which decrease friction and wear.

Keeps engine and exhaust power valves well lubricated and clean. Prevents sticking of piston rings and exhaust power valves.

Orange coloured : easy detection in fuel.

Specification Sheet (PDF): 800 2T Road TDS

Material Safety Sheet (PDF): 800 2T Road MSDS

Product Application Sheet (PDF): Product Applications and Approvals

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