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RBF 660
RBF 600
DOT 5.1
RBF 660 Factory Line

100% Synthetic Racing Fluid – DOT 4

Very high boiling point: 617°F / 325°C

For hydraulically actuated brake and clutch systems


All types of hydraulic brake and clutch actuators requiring non-silicone synthetic fluid.
Specially designed to resist the extreme temperatures generated by carbon and ceramic racing brakes with minimum brake cooling.
Can also be used with conventional steel rotors and clutch systems.

Widely exceeds DOT 3, DOT 4 and DOT 5.1 standards (except for DOT 5.1 viscosity at - 40°C).


SAE J1703 & J1704
ISO 4925

Extreme thermal resistance and stability :
Very high boiling point 617°F / 325°C

Enables effective brake even in extreme conditions.

Better aerodynamic performance by minimizing air ducts for brake cooling.

Ultra efficient in the rain:
Very high wet boiling point 400°F / 204°C

Brake fluids are hydroscopic by nature which means they tend to absorb moisture and humidity from the air. The effectively reduces the boiling point and increases the risk of “vapour lock”. The wet boiling point is measured by humidifying the product with about 3.5 % of water.

Specification Sheet (PDF): RBF 660 TDS

Material Safety Sheet (PDF): RBF 660 MSDS

Product Application Sheet (PDF): Product Applications and Approvals

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